• 2017 Winners


    1. B2B Tech (Angel/Seed Only)

    Andrew Horn

    Co-Founder & CEO


    I won because:

    1. Built and sustained Tribute.co to spread gratitude and human connection
    2. Active speaker on "The Art of Meaningful Conversation" Google, Mastercard, ClevelandClinic
    3. Built DFKDC and AbilityList to empower people with disabilities

    Matthew Lerner

    Founder & CEO


    I won because:

    1. Current CEO of New York's top Airbnb management service. 
    2. 3x Founder with successful track record at previous ventures.
    3. Profiled in Alley Watch, The New Yorker, and more!

    Andrew Konya



    I won because:

    1. Developing AI for understanding people -- used by governments, Fortune 500's, etc (as CEO/Co-Founder at Remesh.ai) 
    2. Architecting AI to manage, store & interface w/ United Nation's knowledge base (as UN consultant)
    3. Conducting research on computational models & theory for artificial muscles & programmable soft matter (as a grad student at Kent State University)
  • 2. B2B Tech (Series A & Beyond)

    Joel Montaniel

    Co-Founder & CEO


    I won because:

    1. Acquired the biggest, most notable names in hospitality as clients from day one
    2. Scaled to 1000+ venues with a profitable model, raising only $6.3M over six years
    3. Ensured a best-in-class company culture growing from three to 30+ employees 

    Billy Tyndall

    Founding Executive & VP; Revenue

    Electric AI

    I won because:

    1. Founding revenue leader for one of New York City's fastest growing startups.
    2. I've mentored over 100 SaaS companies in sales and marketing strategy.
    3. Customer happiness is the focal point of my weekly metrics.

    Doug Messer

    Co-Founder & CEO


    I won because:

    1. It's in the blood, Father and grandfather are both entrepreneurs
    2. New York has always been my home, Westchester Raised, Syracuse Undergrad 
    3. Nominated Forbes 30U30 in Education, Wharton reimagines education award winner
  • 3. B2C Tech (Angel/Seed Only)

    Adam Pittenger

    Founder & CEO


    I won because:

    1. Company has grown (GMV/revenue) over 36x since January
    2. Graduated from AngelPad and raised round from Fortune 50 company
    3. Tripled team size in 2017, continuing to support NYC tech

    Brandon Parkes



    I won because:

    1. I’m revolutionizing charitable giving for the next generation of donors
    2. I’m passionate about increasing nonprofit fundraising efforts to help change the world
    3. I’m diversifying the tech pipeline by manifesting a minority-led team

    Katie Shea



    I won because:

    1. Katie Shea launched her first startup out of her dorm room at NYU. She turned it into a multi-million dollar footwear brand carried in thousands of stores globally before it was acquired in 2012
    2. Since then, Katie has helped launch & grow 12 VC-backed tech companies. Most recently she's focused on Slate (www.slatenyc.com) - a profitable daily home cleaning service that completes over 40K cleanings per year in NYC & Brooklyn
    3. Katie is also an avid angel investor - having made early investments in successful business such as Bombas and Simple Contacts. She maintains her position as a thought leader in the NYC tech community running The Strategic Exchange (www.strategicexchange.org) and attending multiple startup events as a panelist and/or speaker
  • 4. B2C Tech (Series A & Beyond)

    Siheun Song

    Co-Founder & President


    I won because:

    1. Biggest. Mobilization. Ever. (Organized 50k riders to Washington, DC for Women's March!)
    2. I invented the term, "community mobility"
    3. Our tech brings people together IRL

    Karen Lau

    Co-Founder & CTO


    I won because:

    1. I'm reinventing the furnishing experience for the underserved markets of bachelors and expats
    2. I mentor young talents as a woman in tech to advance our world with creativity and technology
    3. I’m an engineer-turned-interior-designer-turned-entrepreneur who knows the “how-to” to make decorating and furnishing easy

    Anubh Shah



    I won because:

    1. I’ve successfully built a venture backed eCommerce 3.0 brand
    2. I’ve revolutionized the outdated engagement ring shopping experience with 3D printing
    3. I create positive disruption and pioneer technology-driven solutions
  • 5. Venture Capitalist

    Elizabeth Galbut

    Managing Partner

    SoGal Ventures

    I won because:

    1. Started first VC fund at 26 years old and made 40 investments in 18 months
    2. Grew global community of female and diverse entrepreneurs to reach over 50,000 individuals across the world 
    3. One of youngest faculty members at School of Visual Arts teaching for their Products of Design graduate program 

    Brittany Laughlin


    Lattice Ventures

    I won because:

    1. Invests capital early into founders solving meaningful problems, and supports them with strong network and community to succeed
    2. Advocate for Diversity in Tech, including Gladiator Club: supporting diverse entrepreneurs fundraising and VetsinTech: supporting transitioning Military Veterans
    3. Built Lattice Ventures after 3 years at USV. Serial entrepreneur, 2x prior exits. Built 5,000+ operator community

    Jay Thakrar

    Venture Capitalist


    I won because:

    1. Born by an entrepreneur to be an entrepreneur, and help other startups build their businesses/raise capital
    2. Leads the venture team at SeedInvest, a venture capital fund/platform with 180K investors that invests $500K - $10MM per deal across seed through growth equity. Has invested $80MM into 120+ companies to date
    3. Former Entrepreneurship Mentor at Babson College, former President of the LSE Entrepreneurship Society, and previously founded a music/event management company specializing in events globally
  • 6. Developer/Dev Shop

    Evan Walczak

    Director of Business Development

    Stride Consulting

    I won because:

    1. I run sales and recruiting at $10M+/yr software development consultancy
    2. Nearly doubled YoY revenue and headcount at Stride '16-'17
    3. Instrumental in scaling Shopkeep from 10 to over 50 salespeople

    Yash Patel


    Sunflower Lab

    I won because:

    1. Strive for technical excellence
    2. Deliver the value through supreme quality
    3. Sense of competitive urgency of delivery

    Nina Gabriadze

    Marketing Manager


    I won because:

    1. While in her twenties, she helped build disruptive products in several industries 
    2. Mentors young tech entrepreneurs and provides them with the product marketing expertise
    3. 'Creativity is in my DNA'. She has created several successful content pages in NYC
  • 7. Fortune 500 & Professionals Integrated with Startup Ecosystem

    Lindsay Fitzgerald


    American Express Ventures

    I won because:

    1. As a corporate VC, I have two jobs in one – part venture capitalist, part business development
    2. I am an advocate for the startup community; startup partnership is a very effective form of corporate innovation
    3. Beyond executing investments, I play an active commercial advisory role with my portfolio companies, helping them bridge the culture/size/speed/organizational gap to land enterprise partnerships

    Steve Schwartz

    President & Founder

    Global Cyber Consultants

    I won because:

    1. At 26, I founded Global Cyber Consultants and have more than 10 associates, with clients that include the 2nd fastest growing cybersecurity company, a bank with $150 AUM, private HealthTech firm valued at $20M, & publicly traded tech company with an approx. $10B market cap
    2. BOD of the International Personal Data Trade Association and launching the inaugural Personal Data Week™ 
    3. I have built and lead the US Operations of international cybersecurity firm, Cyberfense, & am the Insurance/InsureTech advisor to Agentic Group, a 50+ member blockchain consortium

    Cassandra Anderson

    Sales Consultant


    I won because:

    1. Eagle Award 2017 - Highest Company Honor
    2. President's Circle 2017
    3. Recognized as the Fastest Rookie Closer for the entire Bay Area in December and November 2013
  • 8. Social Media (Twitter, FB, Instagram, Youtube)

    Lynn Greenberg



    I won because:

    1. CEO and Co-founder of Pivt, a social app for those moving and traveling to make any city feel like home
    2. Speaker and thought leader about millennials and social media 
    3. Encouraging more women to enter tech and social media field (4 out of 5 members of Pivt are female)

    John Vagueiro

    Founder & President

    Adapting Social

    I won because:

    1. Retaining 90% of my clients for over 8 years 
    2. Building A National Business without a college degree & being in remedial classes through my entire education
    3. Social Media marketing & cross pollination was my key to building over 300 active family members (clients) 

    David Markovich



    I won because:

    1. I've helped 1000's people find jobs, internships, and build relationships asking for nothing in exchange 
    2. Built the first tech for good bot on Slack to help find missing kids missingkidsbot.org
    3. I founded one of the largest Internet Marketing Communities with 20,000 members with events in over 25 cities and guests like Gary Vee, Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin and more.  
  • 9. Marketing/Advertising/PR/Sales

    Chris Ayaz

    Creative Director

    Jump 450 Media

    I won because:

    1. Managed media buying to $50M in revenue last year and on pace for $100M in revenue this year
    2. #1 leading spender on video ads in the direct response space on Facebook in the US
    3. In charge of creatives for the next Mayor of NYC, Bo Dietl

    Liron Smadja

    Marketing Manager


    I won because:

    1. I helped build a global brand, that shaped an industry
    2. I'm all about creativity (come say hi on Instagram - @lironsmadja)
    3. ʎlʇuǝɹǝɟɟᴉp sƃuᴉɥʇ op I  

    Sarah Meister

    Technology Growth Manager


    I won because:

    1. Works with technology companies from around the world to bring their ideas to life
    2. Previously Head of Projects at Vann Alexandra, a creative agency for crowdfunding campaigns, where she worked on over 30 campaigns
    3. Helped raised over $20 million with the help of over 100k backers
  • 10. Events (Venue, Event Production, Community Organizers)

    Suzanne Bernstock



    I won because:

    1. Fearlessly career transitioned from fashion to real estate startup
    2. Effective networker committed to helping businesses grow their bottom line
    3. Hardworking, created Workville’s powerful brand & workspace for NYC’s disruptors

    Stephanie MacConnell

    Program Director

    Empire Startups

    I won because:

    1. Runs NY FinTech Meetup >8K members, monthly sold out events w/ 150 attendees
    2. Runs Empire FinTech Conference & NY FinTech Week
    3. Huge community connector- Events bring together founders, investors, innovators

    Kelcey Gosserand

    Global Brand Ambassador


    I won because:

    1. Co-Founder of women + blockchain
    2. Head of Community at multiple startups
    3. Organizer at House of Genius
  • 11. Legal & Accounting

    Jared Sorin


    McCarter & English, LLP

    I won because:

    1. Named RISING STAR lawyer (maximum 5% of young lawyers recognized). 
    2. Frequent speaker/author on key issues for entrepreneurs and investors.
    3. Founder/CEO of  EntreprenYOURS, paradigm-shifting accelerator with unique cross ownership structure. 

    Steve Kornreich

    Head of Sales


    I won because:

    1. Connector: I take great pride in pointing folks to the best resource, even if it's not my own.
    2. Alignment: Huge believer in selling for the right reasons.  The question: Am I helping the client achieve his/her goals?
    3. Educator + Selfless: Teaching sales to folks I work with is my passion.  There's nothing more exciting than laying the foundation for someone else's long-term success.

    John Benemerito

    Attorney & Partner

    Benemerito Law

    II won because:

    1. I have been an entrepreneur my entire life
    2. I had my first successful business at 15
    3. I started a grew my law firm from the ground up